Thursday, May 30, 2019

Strange Times

     You know something's askew when Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the very soul of her party's caution and restraint.  In the wake of yesterday's news, there's a great hue and cry and waving of pitchforks on the Democrat side, led by their howling pack of Presidential aspirants; but Ms. Pelosi emulates Ernest Lawrence Thayer's hero:

     "With a smile of Christian charity great Casey's visage shone;
       He stilled the rising tumult; he bade the game go on...."

      CNN suggest careful political calculation on her part -- an impeachment battle is a publicity machine, one even more polarizing than everything that has preceded it, and if the House votes to impeach once that has run its course, the Republican-controlled Senate will conduct the trial.

     If that comes up dry, as there is plenty of reason to believe it will, the Republicans could find themselves ascendant while their opponents look like vindictive bullies.  Should things fall the other way, Speaker Pelosi's party will have formally unseated a President for the first time in U. S. history and handed the White House to Vice-President Pence, who they have no reason to love. 

     As a libertarian and LP voter, I guess I'm supposed to be above this partisan fray, but it is such a sad mess that I can't quite ignore it.

     Two pitches left and, I think, no joy in Mudville ether way. 


waepnedmann said...

Go long on popcorn futures.
It is "Strange Times", indeed, when the struggle for the life and death of a culture, a people, and a nation has entertainment value to those whom it affects.
People die from this stuff!

rickn8or said...

Nancy has lost control of the Freshman Class. Fortunately for her, the loudest and most-leftist class clowns are in safe Democrat districts.

I personally think she's using them to float all the trial balloons that older, more established Dems are afraid to mention.

I make it a point to listen/watch her in the hope that she's going to permanently vapor-lock on live coast-to-coast coverage.

Antibubba said...

She won't, rick. Pelosi takes the heat because her opponents know how competent and dangerous she is. That applies to her strategizing; she's probably waiting for just the right moment the let go of the leashes.

Paul said...

We are watching the end of the republic. Have to see what comes from its ashes but I doubt it will be as successful or free.