Sunday, May 12, 2019

Corned Beef Hash, Semi-Homemade

     I think I have the canned corned beef and fresh potatoes version figured out.

     Cubed the potatoes and piled up the cubes in a bowl of cold water with some rosemary and parsley.  Poured off about half the water and warmed it in a big skillet until it was boiling; took away a little more water, added some freeze-dried onion and let it simmer while I cubed up the canned corned beef.

     The meat was Kroger's house brand.  It's all South American canned corned beef, in those trapezoidal cans, and the price was good.  (It also had an expiration date over four years in the future, so I'll be stocking a few cans of that stuff for rainy days.)

    Added the meat, mixed everything together, smoothed it with the back of the spoon and let it cook uncovered until it was about as dry as I wanted; covered it and let it cook awhile longer (and made myself a fried egg for on top, in a separate one-egg pan).  Cooked it uncovered just a bit more, so it would brown some on the bottom, then served it up.

     It was good.  Not too salty, which is always a concern with canned corned beef.  The potatoes did brown a little and they were well-cooked.

     So there's the trick.  Cook the potatoes by boiling first, don't add salt.


c-90 said...

My family style was to fry up some bacon and use the grease to cook sliced up onion bits. Potato's were boiled up, drained and allowed to chill in fridge. Combining cold cooked potato and chunks of corned beef (Libby's), and mix throughly, mix in cooked onion sections, crushed cooked bacon and bacon grease. Heat in large pan. Serve with catsup (yeah, I'm a heathen, but it tastes good.)

Roberta X said...

Sounds good!

waepnedmann said...

No Hatch green chili?
Some time West of the Rockies would contribute to your culinary education.
But, I wager no one in Roseholme Cottage is suffering from malnutrition.

Roberta X said...

There aren't any fresh Hatch chilies in the market at present and I was working on getting the basics. I do like adding some kind of a pepper to corned beef hash.