Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Windows 10, Sullen Teenager, Same, Same

     It doesn't want to be seen with me.  My desktop PC is sulking, uninterested in running much in the way of software.  There was another Windows Update yesterday, either that or the thing's been subtly, deeply compromised.

     So, while I run various nostrums and magic spells, er, that is, diagnostics and malware-hunters, I'm back on the Raspberry Pi.  I could have fished out the Acer laptop, but the Pi's already set up and all I have to do is plug it in, so why not?

     Tellya what, I'm just about ready to use this little machine as my primary for blogging and web-browsing.  Within its limits, it's as good as the big machine and considerably less fussy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ma'am, I hope your day is awesome and the teenager computer begins to come around.

I'm no where near as computer literate as you and when my lap top gets its issues, its all I can take from flinging the little dude across the room. Zero patience - I'm working on it God, please forgive me.

Blackwing1 said...

Happy birthday!

Mark Alger said...

Happy belated birthday. Or a belated happy birthday, whichever.

I keep asking, but Miscrosoft won't answer me, why it is that every other time I go away from my computer for more than five minutes, when I come back to it, I find I must log on again. And whatever I left to run in the interval, hasn't happened. Apparently, Bellevue gets to use my computer more than I do. Which, considering the price of Alienware these days, is not a happy circumstance.


Zendo Deb said...

Unless you have some software that absolutely has to be on windows, there is always Linux.

Windows 10 is still working for me, but I bought this computer so configured after my last one got struck by lightning. (It wasn't the only think I lost that day.)

But Libre Office does everything I need (and then some) and is free. (Though I contribute, because I use it every day.) And browsers don't care.