Friday, May 03, 2019

Late Start

     Sleeping in was a wonderful treat today, thanks to work schedules being rearranged for a special event this weekend.  Oh, I'll have to work late, too, but I've been staying up pretty late this week and that should help.

     Slept with a window open, too.  Look, if I'm going to have to take allergy medicine anyway, I might as well enjoy the fresh (if pollen-laden) air.  The cats enjoy it; even Tamara's cat, as determinedly indoor a cat as you will meet, spent some time sitting in the window and gazing out at the yard.

1 comment:

waepnedmann said...

Rannie Wu was just making sure there was an exit not involving going through the kitchen to avoid the ant invasion.

I am guessing that as a wee kitten Rannie was peeking from the backseat of a '48 Ford while his parents were watching "Them" at the local drive-in movie.
Talk about your Adverse Childhood Experience!
Rannie probably as an above normal BMI due to the trauma.