Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Various Items

     - I'm pretty sure by the time of the 2020 conventions, every Democrat politician will have offered themselves up for their party's nomination.  Do they figure it will be a cakewalk for their side, or is it that Mr. Trump is so dire a menace that each and every one of them sees him- or herself as the One True Knight who is the only person who can vanquish the dragon?  Or is it just the old Will Rogers principle, "I don't belong to an organized political party.  I'm a Democrat," yet again?  I do think their convention's going to be interesting.  Possibly as in split-in-the-party interesting.

     - Don't count the GOP out for surprises in 2020, either.  Sure, it looks like a sure thing for the incumbent now, but you have to wonder who's waiting in the wings, waiting to swoop down and land with a thud.

     - Does it even matter what the Libertarians will be doing in 2020?  I'll probably vote for their candidate anyway. When the choices are Coke or Pepsi, I prefer Dr. Pepper.

     - Guess who didn't take her allergy medicine last night?  It was so cold and rainy, after all....  Yeah, that didn't make any difference and by this morning, I had to take it.

     - I had no idea we had done underground nuclear testing on a tectonically unstable Alaskan island, most recently in 1971.  It survived.

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JayNola said...

That's very cool. The atomic age was a fascinating time. I still marvel at the number of tests done in the Nevada desert.