Monday, May 20, 2019

Writer's Nope

     No writer's group yesterday.  Did all my homework, combed my hair and put on lipstick an' all that, drove over to the venue and....

     Big old "Nope."  Host wasn't even apologetic about it; they had a Game of Thrones event and no event rooms were available.

     I pointed out the room had been reserved in advance.

     He asked who we'd made the reservation with, and I told him.

     "Oh, you people?*  Some woman called and said it was cancelled.  I can maybe seat you over in the bar area."

     Where loud-ish music plays, right.  I said I'd see if anyone else showed up, took a seat in the waiting area and checked e-mail on my phone.  A flurry of last-minute individual cancellations -- two dropped out with various  non-trivial issues and it snowballed.  Okay, life happens.

     I went home and e-mailed the reservations people.  There's a bit of a flutter about it in my in-box this morning but it seems there's a disconnect between Corporate and the particular venue, and the venue people had grabbed all the rooms for the GoT thing without checking; so we'd been cancelled before we cancelled, if that makes sense.

     Looks like we're going to reschedule the writer's group -- elsewhere.
* Sheesh, I hate being a "You people."  I thought we'd tipped better than that last time.


Ed Skinner said...

With 25-30 writers at Wednesday evening's Central Phoenix Writers Workshop, when we split into groups of 4-6 for the readings and critiques, we own the coffee house / wine bar. Watching the illiterati flee thrills the soul.

rickn8or said...

At least you won't have to worry about being shunted aside for a bunch of GoT'ers in the future.

Unless they're like Trekkies... (Head in hands.)

Roberta X said...

I like that, Ed!

Nothing quite like that here in Indy that I can find. This group is essentially a continuation of a workshop class -- after six weeks of weekly meetings, most of us students decided to keep on meeting on our own, every month or so.