Monday, March 23, 2009

Ah, Indy!

- Exploring a honkin' huge gun show with Tam, Shootin' Buddy, Frank W. James* and Caleb.

- Sitting outside in the sun on the steps of another of the huge buildings at the fairgrounds, field-stripping a new Sistema Colt 1911A1 and nobody panics, freaks out, or even gives more than a passing glance. Perfectly ordinary sight.

- UPDATE: Also, before and after the above, I was reading Michael Z. Williamson's brand-new novel, Contact With Chaos, purchased from and autographed by the man himself, minutes before. That's two Amendments, right there!

- Sunday, the Data Viking and I took a small sample of the Indy Parks system: shooting in the morning at the Eagle Creek Park public range (I shot Shootin' Buddy's silenced Ruger 22/45-based "staplegun," 4 mags, yayy!), across town in the afternoon to explore Garfield Park: Conservatory, Sunken Garden, Victorian Pagoda and Art Center. The last was an entirely unexpected surprise, a big and not especially well-marked building perched at the brow of a hill. Turns it it's the old 1930s poolhouse (the swimming pool long since relocated), formerly the home of a basketball court, dancing bears and sundry other oddiments, and now a nifty art center with all manner of activities, even a small recording studio space! As we walked up to it, a door opened and one of the Parks workers popped out, told us what the building was and invited us in. Better than a sign!

- Dinner at Brigid's with friends. If I could cook that well, I'd never leave the house. Well, other than to go to the grocer's.

Ah, Indy!
* Hie thyself to Frank's blog and read his inside info about egg-farming.


Joanna said...

You had dinner with Brigid? Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed dinner with Brigid. Silly real life and all.

Glad you like shooting the "staple gun" Sunday. I will hook you into the NFA world yet!

Shootin' Buddy

Home on the Range said...

Shooting Buddy - We missed you!!!

I'm posting pictures as we speak, just to torment you :-)

Next time. . .

staghounds said...

Three- no one messed with you or your Sistema. That's the fourth amendment.