Sunday, March 08, 2009

Illinois Unpossibility

The BBC tells me a pastor was shot at a church in Illinois. Silly Brits; we know that can't happen, since it's illegal to carry a loaded weapon in IL. Besides, they have FOID cards and won't even sell ammunition to someone without one, just like the Bradyites and IANSA want.

Funny, when something like this was about to happen in a state less hostile to self-defense, it got nipped in the bud. It doesn't always happen that way, but the law in Chicago-dominated Illinois meant there no chance at all when evil came a-calling.

Legal carry: if it saves even one life, isn't it worth it? In IL and WI, I guess not. Nor in much of CA, all of HI or several other "may-issue" States. Killer-friendly States.

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Anonymous said...

The suspected attacker is said to be in custody and receiving treatment.

In the Bad Old Days, treatment would've consisted of his accidentally falling down the stairs, numerous times.

Man, that security guard in the Denver story, she reminds me of Judy Landers, from days of old.

A babe who can shoot straight and steadily under fire, then instead of apologizing afterward, just says, 's all cool.

She's the embodiment of the phrase, "Praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition, 'cause we ain't a goin' fishin'."