Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring? Spring?

...They say it'll be warmer this weekend; might even have some sunshine. About time! That's one of the things that's bugging me -- I come home in the dark every night with a mental list of things to do and it's a rare day I get even one of them accomplished.

Feels like I get about fifteen minutes of sun in the morning and spend the rest of the time in the Land of Always-Night.*

Spring is (at least in theory!) on the horizon and eventually, the time change. Might see a little more light. That'd be good.
* Apologies to Lester Dent (and W. Ryerson Johnson), writing as Kenneth Robeson. --And holy cow! Dent wrote stories about airship pirates! I'm feeling better already.


Turk Turon said...

Ditto on the darkness - I have worked in windowless rooms for over thirty years. I had ONE edit room with an actual window once, in 1985. Ah, what a delight that was!

But the crocuses in the front yard are blooming, and the tulips are beginning to appear, and it's going to be 61 degress today and 71 tomorrow!

Drang said...

We are predicted to have snow for tomorrow's hamfest.

I have decided to delay testing for an upgrade to my license, the study time has been dedicated to getting my packet together for a promotion at work.

Anonymous said...

Unless your need for sunlight occurs at exactly 6 PM, all hope will disappear this weekend, by governmental decree.

If you are a devotee of lighter-than-air brigandage, I recommend "Dan Dunn, Secret Operative 48, and The Zeppelin of Doom."

Crucis said...

Here near KC, the temp yesterday was above 70 and sunny. That should be matched today.

What we get today,you (usually) get tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!