Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cat Update

Yeah, it's cat-blogging. So sue me.

...I took Tommy to the vet yesterday. They confirmed his troubles and proposed a multi-day stay with a commeasurate price tag. I asked if perhaps we could not start out smaller and less annoying for the cat* and they came back with 24 hours "and we'll see."

It's twenty hours now and he's been IV hydrated and otherwise looked after and the vet tells me things have, in fact, run their due course successfully. Planning to pick him up this afternoon along with a new prescription that may help him be a regular sort of cat.

Now I need to find a groomer or some good advice. After all he's been through, he really needs a bath and a comb-out.
* If you think three days of enemas would be fun, please go away. Now. Really.


Hecate said...

I had the thankless task of dealing with a similar problem in my aunt's geriatric cat. What worked for Scooter was running some sub-q fluids along with feeding a can of sardines in oil including all the oil.

Needless to say, the cat liked the second half of the equation better than the first.

Prior to coming up with that, her vet had to resort to digital manipulation under anesthesia to clear the blockage. Big-time eeeeww.

Carteach said...

I feel funny saying it, but Tommy has been in my thoughts.

Comrade Misfit said...

Did he have "megacolon?"

Home on the Range said...

I'm glad he's doing better.

Roberta X said...

E.B.M., the technical term is something like "rocks up the rump," the poor guy.

Sardines in oil, Hecate? I'll have to try that!

Everybody, Tommy is home now, in great need of a bath. He's drinking a lot (yayy!) and spending "quality time" in the literbox. He appreciates all the good thoughts -- or I do for him; he's a bit cantankerous.

Shermlock Shomes said...

But how are YOU doing?

Carteach said...


Where exactly is the 'repair the cat' fund located? I have looked all over this site, without any luck. Must be an oversight.

Roberta X said...

The "repair the cat" fund is located in my pocketbook and the four hours of OT I put in last night (or early this morning). hould just about cover it.

However, it does happen that web cartoonist Karen Ellis lost nearly everything in a fire recently and could really use some help.