Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just A Thought

Tiberius was a hard SOB (as a commenter at View From The Porch reminds us) but that doesn't excuse his successor.

...If you're having trouble remembering the Emperors of Rome, the next batter up was that feller Caligula -- hailed, early on, as the bright young hope, the shining leader who would fix it all: The One.

History: the more things change, the more it keeps repeating. Will we get a Triple Crown winner in the Senate before the final curtain?


Carteach said...

You and your cohort (Tall one, L, etc) have minds that work differently than mine. Where I swim through fog, blundering my way through the day, you folks seem to operate in the clear. I envy that.

Good point in this post too. Shame folks didn't consider it before November.

Oh... I cast Pelosi in the role of Brutus.

Anonymous said...

You know I had to double-check the spelling of "Tiberius" when they brought out that after shave? I first heard of him in Lutheran Sunday school, where for some reason it was always "Tiberias." A Greek thing, maybe?

I once commented on VFTP that the damnedest thing about "the matter of Rome" is that you can make it mean about any thing you're after--Adams famously shot Jefferson down on that, in their dotage letters. So many latter-day commenters are trying, for reasons of their own, to save the Empire. Even those longing for the Late Republic are a hard-edged lot.

I was taught that the first book in Latin is Cato Elder's de Agri Cultura, on how to manage a slave plantation. If Michelle Obama isn't perusing a good translation now, she's missing a lick.

In your heart you know he's right: Carthage really must be destroyed.

Ken said...

Will we get a Triple Crown winner in the Senate before the final curtain?

We already have multiple instances, I think. Well, multiple instances of half a one, anyhow.

NotClauswitz said...

Only if TripleCrown is a kind of bourbon.

Roberta X said...

Carteach0, I have been trying ever since you commented to think of any way in which a man of your hobbies and vocation could be even close to "swimming through the fog," and I cannot conceive of it. You flatter us -- and hugely short-change yourself.

Don M said...

California sent Babs Boxer a few years ago... so we have the equestrian angle covered.