Monday, June 25, 2012

A Milestone, Plus Misc.

(I have a doctor's appointment at 0800,* so this posting has been pre-recorded and is made available via transcription from Roseholme Cottage C3I).

Sunday night, I opened and shelved the box of SF books from my old place marked "W3 - Z." Yes, the very last box. Of SF books, that is. "Mystery" (a couple of boxes) and "Technology - Popular Accounts" (one box) remain unshelved. Still, it's progress!

Hams may wonder that I did not work Field Day this past weekend. I thought about it and had tentative plans, but it's been decades. Still, maybe? Then Friday night, I could not download the rules from the League's website, and I'm not all that happy with my present level of CW (Morse Code) proficiency. Like shooting, it's a perishable skill; you retain the basics but speed and accuracy require practice. Maybe next year. At least I have been more active on the air recently.
* Fine-tuning the thyroid meds and other such issues. Plus I get to bring in my blood-pressure logbook. See, doc, it really is White Coat Syndrome, see? Either that or my BP monitor is reading low.


rickn8or said...

May all your numbers be headed in the right direction.

Jay said...

White coat syndrome will go away when doctors quit "practicing medicine" and get it right!!!

jed said...

I'm jealous of your book milestone. :) Sadly, I've been going in the other direction, due to downsizing my housing. Oh, for even another 100 sq. ft.! (I would, of course, quickly fill it up, and then wish for another 100.)

I'll soon be attending my 1st hamfest, in Monument (Lord willin' and the fires don't burn it down). No, I ain't one yet, but my latent interest has been piqued yet again. Besides which, maybe I can find a couple cheap GMRS rigs for sale. (One of 2 Cobras I have bit the dust, and I feel oh so silly having just 1 2-way radio.)

The Freeholder said...

Did my first Field Day this year. Lots of fun. Made a couple of contacts on the club call, one to OH and one to NV. Pretty freaking cool.

Anonymous said...

Roberta, consider taking your BP machine with you to compare with their reading for your next appointment. I usually take 2-5 consecutive readings every 3-5 minutes until I get something that looks like a trend and call the last one the data.

For FD, download this year's rules, log sheets, etc. and use 'em next year if you find the ARRL website swamped again. I grabbed my downloads a week before the event because I've had exactly your experience. Might as well download the whole set of files. It couldn't hurt to grab the General rules for HF and VHF+ as well.

I consider FD an exercise, not a contest. When I do participate I don't submit a log. My category doesn't much matter (1D) but I operate from home with one transmitter, and my state. The exchange hasn't changed since I've been doing FD; just pick what sounds right and jump right in.

If you're feeling gregarious, the Field Day Site Locator will give you info on FD local events.

73, Jim