Monday, June 18, 2012

The Most Something Woman In The World

She looks better waking up than you do after all day at the spa.

It is said that her touch can cure...bacon.

Clerks fight one another to wait on her.

In the altiplano, they claim she tames llamas with a stern look; in Tibet, they say the same thing regarding Lamas.

She has been known to bicycle without wearing a helmet -- or bothering to perspire.

She has never needed to iron anything.

She is...that annoying person they claimed you could grow up to be just like...if only you would apply yourself.

(I still dunno how one achieves a flawless complexion via sheer willpower but I remain somehow convinced I otta be able to).


greg said...

I'm just trying to figure out when you had time to meet my wife.

Bob said...

She's married to the Dos Equis guy.

og said...

Interesting men and interesting women both are... interesting. Oddly, men will clamor to be around an "interesting" man, while women will avoid an "Interesting" woman like the plague, in my personal experience. Possibly the "average" guys are hanging around to collect the "interesting" guy's castoffs, and the "Average" women are too irritated or intimidated by the "interesating" women. I do know that without fail, every "interesting" woman I have known has proclaimed that she has NO female friends.

rickn8or said...


Still haven't got that "flawless complexion" thing down yet?

Robin said...

Those are good.

Anonymous said...

Describing yourself and Tam in such terms is a bit self-centered. Accurate but a bit immodest.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Jerry said...

Ms.Roberta, this is your blog, not mine. Please, blog your booty off. (PS, one of the links at RT went wiggy.Not a complaint, I had it before, just saying.)