Sunday, June 17, 2012

PS: .32-20 Cowboy Loads

Cowboy loads and plain ones; I'd also brought my Colt .32-20 to the range and ran through several different kinds of ammo, a couple of different "cowboy" loads, some Tam-surplus* Georgia Arms stuff and an old box of commercial pistol ammo.

Conclusion? It's fun to shoot and at 7 yards, any of 'em work fine. Ever since returning from Coal Creek Armory, the little revolver has just run and run, and shoots just exactly as well as the shooter can aim. Given the remarkable Colt DA trigger, that's better'n I have any right to expect as a relative newcomer to revolver shooting.

You can't even look at .32-20 for any less than $30 a box of 50 (!!!) but I'm getting at least 65 cents worth of fun from every round -- and saving all my brass.
* Tam is to obscure ammo as I am to older vacuum tubes; at gun shows, I mention, "I'm looking at a Nnnn," and she nods and avers, "I think I've got a couple hundred rounds for that," .38-200, or S&W Short or .117 Webley Electric or whatever.

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".117 Webley Electric"