Sunday, May 11, 2014

Steak. Potatoes. Salad. There It Is.

     I mowed the lawn yesterday.  All of it. I uprooted the little winter-killed (but fragrant) rosemary bush, too. Tam took the weed-whacker to the spots that wanted trimming after her online work was done.  And for that, we had a reward coming:

     Grilled steak.  Tam found a couple of massive filet mignons; I set 'em out and started up the grill with wadded paper, a little step-pyramid of twigs, a mound of hardwood charcoal -- and layered some rosemary twigs in it to see how that would smell.

     It smelled fine so I set some aside, added more charcoal, and went in to nuke some big potatoes.  Noticed we had a nice crop of chives already (they're essentially a weed around here, so that's unsurprising.  Tam's original planting comes back bigger every year), so I grabbed a generous handful on the way.

      Once the potatoes had been decently microwaved and the coals were well on their way, I wrapped the spuds in two layers of foil with salt, pepper, butter and lot of snipped chives and took them out to the grill where I spread out the coals, added more rosemary on them, laid the (washed) grate down and stashed the potoes in the corners. Lid down and locked.

     The steaks got salt and pepper and I butterflied mine -- they were over 2" thick!  I took mine out and started it; three minutes later, Tam's went on (that's one medium, one rare).  I put a bit more rosemary on the fire, too. Turned the steaks every three minutes while making up the salad (used up the remaining chives in it), and when they were about done, added a pat of butter to each.  (This works especially well with lean beef.)  Brought them in and let them rest while I fetched and unwrapped the potatoes, dressed the salad, etc.

     And then it was time for dinner!

     The steak smelled delicious and nearly melted in my mouth: tender, flavorful, a bit smoky, wonderful!  The chives contributed their bit to the potatoes and added a nice, subtly-different note to the salad, as well.  (Tam demolished her salad and potato -- in addition to the steak on her plate.)

     I'll have to find a good place to hang up that dried rosemary bush for later -- I'll be using that stuff again.

     There would have been photos but....  It demanded eating, pronto!




Roberta X said...

The felines, alas, were consigned to the back of the house -- or they would have been participating as a raiding party!

Anonymous said...

Sure, tease me like that.
(damn food porn)
You're as bad as BRIGID!
(well, almost...)


PS - no pics?

Old NFO said...

Nothing beats and good steak... Pity the vegans...