Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sturgeon's Law As A General Principle

     Under a government where both parties, no matter how much they quibble with one another, both approve of wiretapping (listening to celphones, monitoring online communications)  citizens with no real warrant, maintaining a secret and unchallengeable "no-fly" list and torture as a means of interrogation, remaining loyal to either party is just letting them play you for a fool.

     The actual government in this country is an oligarchy of influential and (eventually if not to begin with) wealthy persons, membership in which is largely closed to most citizens.  They may squabble over the fine points but they close ranks against any outside challenge.  All they're in it for is themselves,, no matter how much they natter on about public service, posterity or the beleaguered taxpayer.  If you get in their way, they will grind you up but in general, they regard you the way an old-fashioned farmer regards barn cats: disposable conveniences.  Get inconvenient and...  Well. There are plenty more.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yep. But it's either play by their Rules, or start an Armed Revolution and Storm the Bastille.

Which ain't gonna happen, since it's hard to get more than 50% of the Eligible Voters to get off their Butts, call the local Board of Elections for an Absentee Ballot, and vote for a President.

Comrade Misfit said...

Nice summation.

wolfwalker said...

"it's hard to get more than 50% of the Eligible Voters to get off their Butts"

to support a revolution... or to oppose it? That blade may cut both ways.

LCB said...

I don't know Roberta. I tend to think the machine of government has gotten so large that even the rich no longer control it. The machine is sucking ever more resources from the nation, and eventually it will collapse when there's no more, eh...left to...

Talked myself in to a circle there. :-)

Anyway, when an agency like the EPA can put out regulations that do NOT get voted on by congress-critters, we have no representational gubernment. Which is pretty much what you're saying. I think. :-)