Monday, June 09, 2014

Las Vegas Idiots

     I'm seeing the same news you are.  "Crazy-scary idiots are crazy scary" is all I've got; some kind of race-war ass-hattery with usual ending: would be racist warriors safely and appropriately dead after, dammit, killing innocent people.  If these clowns didn't kill anyone other than themselves, they'd be risible; as it is, they're the societal equivalent of terminal foot-fungus and I include in that description anyone of any hue who is ginnin' up for a race war.  Knock that crap out, we've got children on this planet and all you're doing is scaring them and making messes in the corners.

     Comments will be savagely moderated.  You don't like it?  Hie your racist ass elsewhere.  The rest of us have grown-up stuff to do.

     UPDATE: And now we find that they're Indiana idiots.  From Lafayette. Oh, swell.  At least they're dead.


Robert Fowler said...

I heard this morning that they left a Gadsden Flag draped over the coppers. Why can't these people just quietly kill themselves and leave everyone else alone?

You can bet that because of that flag, everyone in the patriot movement and TEA party are going to be painted with a broad brush.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. Remember that all first reports are wrong. Especially reports that depend on witnesses that are all dead (both police and the shooters).

The news media always reports what they want to be true first.

Bubblehead Les. said...

When the Assistant Sheriff and others at the Official News Conference says they found a Gadsen Flag and a Swastika on the Cops Bodies, I tend to be semi-confident on believing them.

But I'll be posting my thoughts over at my Blog shortly.

Anonymous said...

White supremacists short-circuiting directly to the race war, and targeting white cops? How does that start the race war? Gadsden flags for theatricality? I wouldn't know what to make of the logical progression used by the sort that would backshoot anyone eating pizza, but yeah, what newrebeluniv said--the 24 hour rule seems called for at this point.

Mike James

Anonymous said...

I think the Tox Report will be very interesting, if it is made public. My guess is they were tweaking all weekend, and decided this was a good idea?

They made no get away plans? Or did a provacateur bolt with the get-away car?

Roberta X said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, because the eeeeevil ZOG and its lapdog media lie! All the time! Deliberately!

Jeez, sometimes they're just wrong. Wrong because they're rushed and not all that bright. Waiting 24 hours is good but they usually gets names, body count and places right, or as right as they were in the police press release.

If those two noids tear up the lawn, I'm gonna be vexed, mmm-kay?

Joe in Reno said...

3rd victim was a CCW holder who tried to intervene.

Clark County Sheriff is already dancing in the blood calling for more gun control....again!(He's a Bloomie stooge)

Windy Wilson said...

"White supremacists short-circuiting directly to the race war, and targeting white cops?"

Gee, where have I heard that before? Were they perhaps getting their inspiration from a popular musical band's recordings?

Blaming conservatives and the tea party movement for this is like blaming Lennon and McCartney for Tate-LaBianca, but nowadays that passes for journalism and cutting-edge analysis.

Windy Wilson said...
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