Wednesday, June 18, 2014


     I watched Looper tonight.  I missed it when it was in theaters.  I shouldn't have.  It's a good film, something new about time travel, a sub-genre that's been done and done and done--  Looper showed me it's not all done.  And it's an affecting movie, not a goofy lark or a shoot'em up -- despite plenty of gunplay.  Oh, and some future-nostalgic cyberpunkery, too.

     The story handwaves its way through violations of causality, but to prove things wouldn't work that way, you'd need a time machine -- or proof-by-brute-force using a roomful of the geekiest of SF geeks, and not the good kind, either.  Shaddup and eat your hot bowl of Story.

     The projected future is a little too real.  You people have to knock this "Great Recession" stuff off.

     Only one real quibble: shotguns don't do that.  Mr. Newton told me so.  Sir Isaac?  Remember him?  If a shotgun could blow the person hit halfway across the room, it'd knock over the guy pulling the trigger, too. And they did make 'em, "punt guns" in insane gauges, but that's not what yours is and you'd still have to stop diddling the Third Law of Motion even if it was. Look it up, filmmakers, or get advice: one first-year Physics student, one gunnie, might even find a two-for-one expert if you asked around.  Than kew.


Kevin said...

Yeah, even my wife liked Looper and she's not typically a SciFi fan.

If you're interested in a RomCom time-travel film that's very good, I recommend About Time.

Anonymous said...

Check out Elmer Fudd in 'Wooper'
Have your Mom really increase her H2O intake, helps.
Thinking of you and your Mom