Saturday, June 21, 2014

"...And This Musical Number Goes Out To...."

     "....Mr. Chaz G. Hill of Dustbury."  I think this might be in his wheelhouse: 18-year-old Ann Margaret and a 24-piece student orchestra turning in a remarkably mature (if languorous) rendition of "Heatwave."  (No, not the Martha and the Vandellas hit, Ann-Margaret Olsen is singing an earlier number by some Irving fellow, last name of Berlin. 'Dja ever hear of him?)


CGHill said...
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CGHill said...

I do know the Berlin song, and that's a genuinely spiffy recording, though it does seem to explain why when she was signed to RCA Victor, they gave her stuff that was pitched a little bit lower. Then again, she was recording at Studio B in Nashville, under the direction of Chet Atkins, and Nipper had apparently issued the directive to make her sound vaguely Elvis-y, even to the extent of lending her the Jordanaires.

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greg said...

Thank you for sharing that. Ann-Margret. Wowza. In 1959, 69, 79, 89, 99, 2009, or, God Bless her and she makes it, 2019. Some things, and people, are timeless. Thank gosh for the internet to save/share things like that.