Monday, June 23, 2014

My Car Is Messed Up

     On a mission for Mom X, I was returning to Broad Ripple when...  The Hot Needle Of Inquiry, my '03 Hyundai Accent, began to falter.  Sitting at a stop sign, waiting to turn right, it coughed and nearly quit.  When I turned the corner, it had hardly any power at all.  At low revs, it was puny.  Seriously puny.  Sound rough, too.  (I stopped and had a look: no holes in the exhaust system that I could see.)

     I babied it down to the auto-repair shop, barely.  Waited a long time for a cab, Miss Tam being otherwise occupied.  A storm blew in with high winds and plenty of rain, so no scootering.  (It's not really much in the rain, especially early on.  Better after the oil washes away but we're talkin tiny contact patches.  High risk.)

     Four cars at Roseholme Cottage and one (1) of them is running.  I knew this day might come, but what did I do?  Nothing.  Oh, well done.

     I have Things To Do, so I've rented a U-Haul van for a couple of days.  Picking it up tomorrow, if everything goes as planned.   


Hat Trick said...

What did the mechanic say or have they looked at it yet?
My Buick was acting like that and it was the mass air flow sensor on the intake.
Hope your car is easily and inexpensively fixed.

Roberta X said...

They haven't looked yet.

SJ said...


I just had a misfire problem on my vehicle, and the symptoms-while-driving sound the same.

I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly.

rickn8or said...

"I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly."

And cheaply.

Unknown said...

I knew this day might come, but what did I do? Nothing. Oh, well done.

I resemble that comment

Carteach said...

If there were less than 600 miles to the hike, I'd be happy to help out.

Well... a LOT less than 600 miles.