Monday, June 09, 2014

Wiki-Wander Wonderjahr

     So, I'm looking up SF writer Tom Reamy, for some reason (possibly to verify my suspicion that San Diego Lightfoot Sue is a documentary -- I blame the Alice Sheldon [James Tiptree, Jr.] biography I started reading Sunday), and I find myself distracted into the "Whatever Happened to Last Dangerous Visions?" department.

     Nobody knows, or no one other than Harlan Ellision.  Chris Priest wrote the definitive investigative report a long time ago and still-- no book.  You could ask Ellison but that's probably not the best of ideas.

     On the other hand, it was a reminder to look up books by Octavia Butler and (a bit tangentially) Hayford Pierce.  And will someone please tell me why the collection of his delightful Chap Foey Rider stories is so very out of print?

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Joe Allen said...

I want to know why, in this digital age, anything is "out of print".