Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Obama Administration Re-Invents McCarthy-Style Witch Hunts

     Only this time it's run by the Department of Justice,[1] so instead of a damaged reputation and a possible "Contempt of Congress"[2] charge, their victims will face criminal charges and hard time in Federal prisons.  Don't look for any semi-drunken harangues about sneaking Commie infiltrations, either. The reconstituted Clinton-era Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee won't be going after any foreign-influenced smalltimers like the Boston Marathon bombers, oh no sirreebob, they're after bigger fish and game, like those horrible-evil right-wingers that got into a bloodless standoff over grazing on Federal lands.

     The deviation-DeTECtors of DTEC'll keep us safe even if they have to jail up every harelipped machine-gunner on the line at Knob Creek, and your cousin with the Gadsden flag tacked up in his garage besides.

     Personally, I haven't felt this comforted since the time I learned the Russians have had a "deadman's switch" last-strike system up running since the 1960s -- and it's still in place.

     That Mr. Eric Holder, he sure does know how to cure paranoia: by justifying it.

     See ya in the re-education camps!
1. Oh, Orwell, where is thy-- Ow!  Ow!  Oh, there it is.  Dammit.
2. Man, if Congress ever touches reality about the degree of public contempt they're steeping in, there's gonna be more folks behind Federal bars than outside.


Anonymous said...

Hey know, who are you calling hairlipped!?

Anonymous said...

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here - this is the WAR Room!"


Joe in PNG said...

Gotta protect our precious bodily fluids from loss of essence. Cornerstone of Michelle's nutrition program.