Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stealth Huck

     Poor Huck the cat -- I stepped on one his front paws last night while being a goof (stumbling down the hall when I knew I was too dizzy to move quickly; the variable weather in recent days has played hob with my sinus/whatever issues).  He had to go hide for awhile but was walking normally in a few hours.  I checked him out as soon as I could.

     This morning, he was nosing around in the office while I was online.  I heard various rustling noises...and then an odd bong!  Looked around and he was nowhere to be found.  A few minutes later, Tam walked in and I remarked that I'd thought my cat was in the room but couldn't see him.

     Several minutes later, Tam said, "Look where your cat is now."

     I turned and looked. Nothing.  "What do you mean?"


     And then I realized the curtains behind her desk -- the curtains of the Forbidden Window, into which cats are not supposed to go -- were waving ever so slightly, with the rhythm of Huck's tail when he is watching wildlife. 

     Tam opened the curtains and Huck turned to give her an innocent look.  "Out!"  She closed the curtains. "And not across my desk, either."

     Huck whacked at the curtains, then managed to open them.  Tam closed them again.

     "No, Huck!  --Bobbi, rattle some cat food, willya?"

     I went to the kitchen and he was in the room looking up at me soon after I opened the treat cabinet.  Yes, that's my cat.


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