Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Shoveled All The Walks

     ....And swept off my car and cleared the stubby drive.  Came back in when I realized I could not feel the toes on my right foot.  They're back now.  I'm so cool.

     ...Literally.  Oh, well.


Old NFO said...

One does what one must for the good of the community... Sadly the kids haven't learned and don't want to earn the money anymore... I haven't seen kids in probably 5 years willing to shovel snow for money.

RandyGC said...

Old NFO; the increasing Nanny State certainly doesn't help when it stops teens from doing just that as it violates various types of ordinances.

Will said...

Might want to check into heated socks or insoles. Check out motorcycle accessory and hunting supply stores.
When my dad was a kid, he stayed outside playing one day until his feet froze. He told me that it made his feet very sensitive to cold weather since then. I think there were other complications with his feet, from that incident.

Roberta X said...

Will, that's pretty much why my toes are sensitive, previous damage. I'm usually okay with two pairs of socks but it got ahead of me.