Tuesday, February 03, 2015

What, That Old Baggage?

Saddle up the drama lama, we'll ride it into town!
We'll get mad and mutter, "I'm-a gonna..." and at least we won't feel down.

Yes, saddle up the drama lama with the baggage of our years
Issues from Junior High and grade school un-huh, nunya business if there's tears.

Saddle up the drama lama, climb aboard and lope away
Rant and rave and wallow in feelings from dark night to full-bright day.

But just this time, I'm slightly wiser, I'll only ride a wee short way.

*  *  *

This is based on nothing online and nothing here at Roseholme Cottage or at work.  Some people do thrive on strife and conflict (and not always appropriately, Mr. James Bond!); some people only really feel alive when they're irked, annoyed or plan angry.  I grew up with a parent who, despite what I believe were huge efforts to the contrary, rode an emotional roller-coaster.  Having three clever, glib and stubborn children didn't do anything at all to help.  As a more-or-less grown-up, I can see the signs in other people; but at some level, I'm still the kid who can't stop it and usually manages to do or say the exact wrong thing.

     If you grew up around it, it's a darned easy roller-coaster to climb aboard.  I still succumb to the temptation occasionally myself, but these days I'm a chickenheart and try to make it just the kiddie ride, short and not too bumpy. (I suspect too many close calls with real-world danger may have burned me out on it.) It's difficult when someone wants to haul you back on board a real thrillride but I'd rather not go.  Is there an AA (or even AAA) for people with mood swings?


chuck w said...

I had a major problem with mood swings (aka bipolar) until, through intense study of happiness, I found some coping mechanisms. Three things that helped me: 1. If you can change the situation, don't worry/obsess about it, change it; if you can't change the situation, there is no sense in worrying/obsessing about it. 2. "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it's a waste of time and it annoys the pig." 3. Most importantly, happiness is a result of focus: if you focus on the bad in your life, you will be unhappy; if you focus on the good in your life, you will be happy.

Merle said...

If there isn't a AA, there should be!


Old NFO said...

Medication is the other answer... But NOT the one I'd choose.