Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh, Fun

     Lost another day's work yesterday to vertigo.  And possibly a mild sinus infection.  Sitting on the couch, staring at the tube, half-awake, the phone rang.  Tam got it, most calls being for her, but it was my work.  Seems a replacement part had shown up Saturday; Security had signed for it and (presumably) left it at the front desk.  That was the last time anyone would admit to having seen it and they were wondering if, perhaps, I had?

     Nope.  Nobody told me, which is pretty annoying.  It was (probably) addressed to me, which is even more so.  And of course the small module costs more than I paid for my car.

     ETA: They found it.  Addressed to Accounting  by mistake.  Does this mean I'm going to get the bill?


Anonymous said...

Tell them somebody stole it. Make a police report.

Will Brown said...

Sounds like someone associates your name with getting paid. Happy thought.