Friday, February 06, 2015

Local TV Covers Goofy Gun Lawsuit

     Seems a local FFL sold a firearm later used to injure a police officer and it turns out to have been a straw purchase.  Now the officer has teamed up with the Brady Center To Prevent Handgun Ownership (or whatever it is they're calling themselves these days) to sue...not the straw purchaser, nope.  They're suing the dealer, presumable for not having a telepath on staff to do deep background checks.

     This despite State and Federal laws shielding dealers from such suits.  This despite the straw purchaser having passed a Bardy Bill-mandated background check.

     The news story links this with ballistic tracing and leads me to suspect we may see some Bloombergian agitation for "universal background checks" in Indiana -- which would not have prevented the straw sale and subsequent shooting.

     "Make it illegaller" rarely works.  But I guess going after the root causes of crime is way too much heavy lifting and generates too few headlines to interest politicians and lobby groups.


John A said...

Yes, there will almost certainly be a call for "universal' background checks.

Just as there was after Sandy Hook. Never mind that the guy had tried three times to buy a "legal" gun and failed the background check each time, so he killed his own mother and stole her guns.

Ken said...

It happened in Washington (594). They're working a similar angle in Nevada. Look alive, friends and neighbors. :-)