Thursday, February 05, 2015

Head....Not Empty....

     But what's in it is mostly pain.  Temperature went from the relatively balmy mid-30s to 8 overnight (that's from 1 to -748 in Canada, slightly higher in the EU due to VAT and overseas shipping), barometric pressure did something and now--

     --Now I have the kind of headache where you see spots.  I took something (ibuprofen is totally a thing) over an hour ago.  I might as well have had M&Ms.  Oh, this is fun.

     Meanwhile, per the Book of Face, Bernie Sanders has declared verbal war on the Koch brothers.  I say let's give 'em brickbats and fence off a block of demolished buildings in the Bronx or Brooklyn, and see the networks will televise it.  My money is on the Kochs; sure, they're older, but they're wily.  Maybe we can start a trend.  Indeed, it's cruel and favors the young and strong -- but it'll make a nice change, shake things up a little.  It's got to be better than having us expendable little folk fight for both sides as proxies.

     (Yes, yes, sure, the Koch brothers are Teh Eeeeeeevil.  Remember what C.S. Lewis said about robber barons vs. do-gooders? No?  Here ya go.)


Anonymous said...

Never have I heard the inflationary effects of V. A. T. explained so well.
For the headache, I prescribe:
1. Tincture of time,
2. Cuddle a friendly cat.
Refill as needed.

With concerned sympathy,


Merle said...

Have you ever tried Tylenol Arthritis Formula? That's the only one that works for me; the rest ar M&M's !!!


Chuck Pergiel said...

I had a bad headache a couple of days ago. No spots, but puking was beginning to look attractive. Naproxen 500 mg saved my sorry ass.

LCB said...

Yeah, we went from 45 to 14 the same night. Went in to full headache-nausea mode. Took a Phenergan...laid down till it kicked in...then on to work. Wheeeee