Friday, June 10, 2016

An Embarrassment Of Itches

     Politics: from the Greek "poly," meaning many, plus "tick," a small biting insect that leaves an irritating welt and can carry several unpleasant diseases.
      There are so many things to write about this morning and all of them simply annoying, from whatever cow-pie Mr. Trump has produced and then stepped or sat in (to wild catcalls from the old-guard media) all the way to poor, poor Elizabeth Warren, stuck like Buriden's ass between the hay bales of philosophical unity with Senator Sanders and gender solidarity with Secretary Clinton.  When, oh when will be the precise moment for her to slip the knife between Bernie's ribs and jump to Hilary's side -- and why should we care any more about it than the Trumpening du jour of the day?  They're just a couple of the many scenes in the Punch and Judy show of Election 2016 (insert stirring theme music here) and we're the ones who keep getting hit with a stick. 

     So much to write about and yet they all boil down to that one absolute: no matter who wins, we lose, and in the meantime, the obnoxious chatter and pantomime beatings go on and on.

     Come November, will it really feel all that good when it stops?


fillyjonk said...

Except, I don't think it will: somewhere, someone is gearing up for 2020. Short the arrival of the much-vaunted SMOD, I think we're going to see perma-campaign mode in the future.

Blackwing1 said...

fillyjonk beat me to it...we're now in the Campaign That Never Ends(tm).

Joel said...

It's probably a personal thing, but I came to say the same thing. I first noticed in 2009 that elections no longer stop hurting when they're over, because they're never really over.