Sunday, June 12, 2016

Early, Early

     Yep, the old early shift again.  Still not a fan; swing shifts aren't getting any easier.  At least I spent my short Saturday on good, honest labor, mowing the front and back yards in 90-degree heat, and that led to getting at least a bit of sleep.

     (I asked my boss about the present schedule and what might happen in the future, as retirements and departures continue.  He didn't hold out hope for improvement.  One of the two techs I share this rotation with will be retiring; the other one and I aren't looking forward to that day.)

     Too often on these early days, I eat too much and move too little.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like the typical Polish salute, until it's too late... Sorry to hear that. It's not like techs like y'all are a dime a dozen... Much less the training required to step INTO a job as complicated as yours.

Anonymous said...

Worse, the trend nowadays is to not have full-time employees and contract out broadcast engineering talent.

That saves station owners boatloads of money by not having the expense of FICA, insurance, etc, etc, et-flipping cetera.

Roberta, you should consider starting a company like that...

Roberta X said...

I've had a company like that. Stations pay slowly or not at all, confident you can't afford to sue them.

Anonymous said...

"Stations pay slowly or not at all, confident you can't afford to sue them."

I imagine that can be problematic. Down here, the civil courts take non-payment fairly seriously, there have been business that have had critical business equipment seized thanks to a judge.

For a demand letter, let 'em know non-payment will result in their transmitter seized. During morning-evening drive time. :)

markm said...

How often do they need such services, and how many others are selling them? Usually the best weapon a business has against slow- or non-payers isn't the court system, it's "You aren't getting any more until your arrears are paid - and then you're paying in advance."