Saturday, June 04, 2016

Lazy Saturday

     Tam and Shootin' Buddy are off to the gun show (the Indy 1500 Gun Show, that is).  I worked half a day yesterday and did a quick walk-through of the show after.  Lots of pretty things, including several sub-$600 Browning Hi-Powers (much want!  My ex had one, the pretty-pretty Capitan model, delightful for target shooting)  but nothing I actually need.

     Well, almost nothing.  I couldn't pass up a Mercury-head "Neutron Irradiated Dime" from the Museum of Atomic Energy (AEC), though it made a Geiger counter tick for only about twenty minutes, decades ago (paid about par, too -- see eBay).  A little patch warning that I suffer from a STUPIDITY ALLERGY seemed like a good idea, as did a couple of small stickers proclaiming:
     Words to...not live by, really, but to keep in mind.  Sometimes (not often, but sometimes) it can be an appropriate response.

     There were many fascinating old revolvers and so many beautifully-engraved firearms that I was tempted to skirt the prohibition on photographs.  Not this time -- I really should apply for a Press exemption.  But oh, the shame if people thought I was a newspaper reporter or some other flavor of lamestream press....


Anonymous said...

Years back I had an FN Hi-Power, 70's vintage.

It was hands-down the softest shooting 9 I had ever owned. Super slicked action. The proverbial "Like buhtuh."

But did I keep it?

(John Belushi mode /on)


(Live and rarely learn...)

Roberta X said...

Yep. Checking on history, I note that some nations that formerly issued the Hi-Power to their troops have changed to more recent designs -- but none of them cite any operational difficulty with the gun, nor even cost. Nope, the reason given is weight and I suppose that makes sense, given the amount of stuff the modern soldier must carry.

...But if I had a use for an OC sidearm, I would certainly give the Hi-Power serious consideration. Maybe it's a little impractical -- a modern polymer nine holds as least as many rounds, is at least as reliable and weighs far less -- but I find them appealing and easy to aim. They are right on the transition between old and new semi-autos. (Okay, this can be debated -- they're pretty darned close, anyway.)

Guffaw in AZ said...

What is this NEED of which you speak?
Get yourself a good Belgian BHP.
You won't regret it!
(I miss mine😢)


pigpen51 said...

GFA is very nearly correct. Want and need start to become the same thing the older I get. Now if only the money needed to pay for food/lights/etc. and wants/needs would sort themselves out.

Anonymous said...

Modern polymer pistols have one *huge* advantage over carbon steel for daily concealed carry, even nice old Hi-Powers.

And that's corrosion resistance. Living sweaty central Florida, that's no minor point. Or Indianapolis during summer, if you get down to it.

That's what finally drove me to even-trade the FN for a Glock 22...