Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Morning

     Ah, yes, Monday.  Again. 

     Sunday was a pretty good day.  Tam and I drove down to Taste for breakfast with Uncle Jay, then I put in a very brief appearance at a baby shower for one of my nieces, held at Mom's retirement center.  Then a stop at the five and dime, a few loads of laundry (and a sort though and cleaning of a box of various bits -- drill and screwdriver -- for a standard brace) and a nice nap before bedtime. 

     And yet, still, there's no dodging Monday.  Darned thing sneaks right up and jumps out.

1 comment:

waepnedmann said...

Considering the state of the world I think I am going to start skipping the DRUDGE Report in the mornings and just start my day with you, Tam, and Ted.
You guys are much more relavent to what is real.
Plus I don't have the desire to clean my guns and sharpen my knives.
Now I am going out to dig potatoes.