Tuesday, May 02, 2017


     That's what it says on the calendar.  It feels more like Autumn -- chilly, windy and rainy.  But at least there is rain, and, cool though it is, the weather is generally warmer.  The wind has been just about epic -- oh, we've had stronger, but rarely all day long, let alone for days.

     It seems, however, to have sailed me towards better health.  After ending the anti-inflammatory fiasco and returning to a regimen of OTC meds,* I am feeling better than I have felt in quite a long time.  Sunday, I took a long walk (long compared to my recent usual, at least) for the first time in quite awhile.  I still tire easily but things are looking towards looking up. 

     May is not my best month -- loaded with family birthdays (including, after everyone else's, my own, which I dread), always very busy at work, and with the Dayton Hamvention to (maybe) fit in.  Here's hoping it can be a healthy month, anyway.

     Also, once the monsoon has passed, I am so gonna add more flowers out front.
* An aspirin morning and evening, plus acetaminophen as needed during the day.  Seems to work.


Josh B said...

Am I the only one who saw the article title and immediately thought "...for Hitler, and Germany!"

Spring is one of those seasons that lasts a week or two here in South Texas. There are a few weeks of Winter and Spring, followed by a lengthy Summer. The jury is still out on Autumn.

RandyGC said...

Another May Birthday Buddy! Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe whenever appropriate.

If you make Hamvention this year let me know and maybe we can (finally) get in an eyeball QSO. It ought to be interesting this year if for nothing else than to see how the venue change works out.