Thursday, January 04, 2018

Yeah, Well--

     I'm here.  I've got to go work at the North Campus, if they have plowed the lane, and that place has been a lot less nice since the Great Mouse-Ruining in 2017 and the woefully inadequate clean-up that followed.  I'm going to take the time (and spend the money, which I may or may not get back) to buy cleaning supplies, clean up the kitchenette and replace the microwave (yes, they got in it), because I have to work there and it has become painfully obvious that our (extremely understaffed) custodial department can't.

     What the heck, I already removed and disposed of all the kitchenette supplies and such when I originally found the problem, figuring I could help 'em out a little that way.  Fat lot of good it did -- they didn't even move out the fridge and clean under it until I moved it, saw untouched and very thick mouse-mess, and rang them up to very politely ask if they would not mind, perhaps, making a second try?  That was met with the kind of cheerful enthusiasm you might expect from a surly teen-ager told to clean his room.

     I suppose I'm just a fussy old lady, and everyone else is perfectly okay with a yellow-green stained floor under a dense collection of, ahem, "solid evidence" in their break room -- one wall of which is formed by the access doors of the cabinets of the equipment I'm going up there work on.


Merle said...

Maybe move in a hungry cat...... :)


Old NFO said...

Yep, make it a 'Take your cat to work' Day! :-)

Roberta X said...

Two reasons:
1. The mice are gone
2. It would be a very dangerous place for a cat.

Roberta X said...

Years ago, when I was up there just about every day, I had outside cats there. This failed for various reasons -- mostly that one of them got herself with child before I could have them spayed and neutered, and she was bound and determined her kittens would be born indoors. She managed it, too: got in when someone else was working there and found a hiding place that wasn't dangerous, had the kittens and laid low for two or three days. She finally emerged to ask me when was dinner, just as matter-of-factly as could be.