Thursday, April 22, 2021

Decaffeinated Morning

      This morning, I have to go do a thing -- "Take the Asthma Challenge," like it was one of those old Reader's Digest quizzes -- and I can't have anything with caffeine in it beforehand.  Actually, there's a long list of things I can't have, but most of them are drugs, I only have one or two of them, and they don't do much for me anyway.

      The no-caffeine things hurts, though.  I have started my mornings with tea of coffee for most of my adult life and I count on it.

      At least there was chamomile tea* on the shelf.  It's warm and flavorful, even if it does absolutely nothing to help keep my eyes open.

      UPDATE: Coffee at last!  No idea how I did on the test; my lung capacity is good.  But I already knew that.  The stuff made me cough several times.  Maybe I'm just suffering occasional fit of pique.  Or I could even be old and out of shape...?  Naaaw!
* Actually, it's a tisane.  But you might as well be speaking Ancient Minoan and labeling the box for it in Linear A as call it that,  then next they'll want me to take my shirt off and leap over a bull by the horns, and we're not going to be having any of that.


Lin Barker said...

AW come on. No guts no glory

The Old Man said...

M'dear, I'd learn Minoan to observe those gymnastics. Couldn't do it at my age due to Agent Orange but I do appreciate talent. Meet me outside the labyrinth.