Saturday, April 10, 2021

Two Shot

      On Friday at 1:17, I did it.
      I had my second COVID-19 vaccine.  It's Pfizer's version, so if I turn into an ear of corn, you'll know why.  It has hit me pretty hard -- muscle aches and exhaustion, starting this morning and getting worse all day, much worse by afternoon.  That's not an unusual reaction, and the medicos say it's a sign one's immune system is sorting things out, getting ready for a fight should the virus arrive.

      Me, I'm not so much for fighting, so I'll continue to socially distance, wear a mask indoors with strangers (still a rule in Indianapolis) and so on.  In a couple of weeks I may take short, masked, socially-distant excursions to antique stores and used book stores, something I have not done during the past year.

      For right now, though, I'm going to go lay down.


RandyGC said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I got 2nd Pfizer two weeks ago. Had pretty much the same reaction, body aches an fatigue for a copy of days (had the shot Saturday, was pretty well back to my version of "normal" on Monday).

Other than the desire to sit in a boiling pot of water followed by a slathering of butter...;-)

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, I had the Pfizer two-dose. First dose just gave a sore arm, second dose, I felt like I had a mild case of flu. (Friends described their reaction as "whoa, it's like being hung over" but I've never experienced that so I have no basis for comparison).

It took me about 2 1/2 days to feel totally normal again. it wasn't BAD, and if it hadn't been over a weekend I'd just have gone to work (we were totally permitted to take sick days if needed after vaccination), but I definitely felt it.

Corn, eh? So is this where I make a "I'm NOT pwned!" joke?