Saturday, April 03, 2021

Hey, Remember When...?

      Once upon a time, government intrusion into the interaction between a private business and its customers was routinely described by American conservatives as unwarranted interference.

      Not any more!  At least not if you're a business -- say, a private university -- in Florida.

      Let strangers sneeze on you in close quarters all (or more than) you like, Floridians.  Think of it as evolution in action.*

      And don't come crying to me when it breeds up a variant worse than the ones already brewing and spreading.

      There are legitimate reasons to look with suspicion at any government-mandated requirement of fitness before you can do a thing and there ought to be a compelling justification for them. Driver's licenses, licenses to operate radio transmitters, pilot's certifications and others have been deemed to have societal ultility. So have the vaccines required of children attending public schools.   These are legitimate subjects of debate and legislation.  But barring a private business from requiring vaccination of customers or employees?  How is that anything but meddling?
* Unless you've got a problem with that, too.  In which case it's fate or the ineffable workings of the Divine that killed your friends or family, and what a comfort that will be.

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