Monday, June 07, 2021

Modern Geekery

      For the radio amateurs among my readership, here's a nice little kit: the Nouveau 75 QRP AM transceiver

     It looks like an interesting radio for the price. You're probably not going to work the world with it, but it might be fun.


RandyGC said...

Interesting, if my eyes and finger dexterity was up to that kind of work anymore.


Roberta X said...

They minimized the number of components you have to solder -- all of the surface-mount parts are already mounted. But you do have to wind four small toroids. The trickiest part is the IC socket.

Eck! said...

Sweet project.

I got to work one and the audio was very good.

I've run all QRP modes including AM mode for a long time
and its all about antenna. Put up a good and high
dipole and start talking. All good fun.


Cop Car said...

Shades of the old days. A few of us built single (gas) tube transceivers to work across campus in 1956 or so. I think we modified a plan put out in one of the mags ( QST or CQ). I'm another who no longer builds stuff. I shake too much for fine work. Thanks for the posting and link.

Roberta X said...

My sympathies for everyone dealing with shakiness -- how frustrating! I have a little when I'm tired and I'm not looking forward to more. Tube equipment is more forgiving -- but I have to get out a lighted magnifier sometimes even for that.