Monday, June 21, 2021


      There were a couple of items I was thinking of blogging about, but you know what?  One is simply contentious and the other, well, the other will fuel the worst kind of tinfoil-hat speculation instead of the careful consideration it deserves.*

      Some days, I just don't much feel like poking at scary things with a stick.  Especially if I don't have anything constructive to add to the discussion.  People are already way crazier than I ever expected.  Why add to it?
* Here's a hint for the latter: Sir Arthur C. Clarke covered the general topic in two of his Tales From The White Hart stories, "Big Game Hunt" and "Patent Pending."  There's a fellow at Columbia University making good progress on it right now.  It's a very deep rabbit hole and tinfoil is not going to help.

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Dave said...

Natalie Wood's last movie - Brainstorm.

I take it you have seen this:

Fun (and interesting) times

And it's not tinfoil - it is an AFDB