Sunday, June 27, 2021

Vacationing By Television

      They are places I shall probably never visit -- but thanks to television and a charming hostess, I can see them on television: Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages is a series of programs originally shown on the UK's Channel 4.  Several of the streaming services offer it.

      Each episode takes you to several villages -- not cities or towns! -- in a particular area, with general views and visits to sites and person of interest.  Produced with the eye's-view naturalism the Brits do so well, they are a refreshing change from the stress and rush all around us .

      Tamara returned today from a month-long house-sitting assignment.  The present messy state of air travel had left her jangled and annoyed.  Over dinner, Ms. Keith showed us Cumbria, with particular attention paid to the the Lake District, unhurried and pleasant.  It was time well spent.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Amazon reveals she's done companion series devoted to "Coastal Villages" when you're finished with this one. And one about the Royal Household if you feel posh.
There are DVDs but you'll need to find a Region 2 player for them.

JayNola said...

Have you watched "Travels by Narrowboat"? It's something I discovered while recovering from transplant and it's a lot of waterscape, faint water flow sounds, and soft engine chugging. Very calming.