Sunday, June 20, 2021

Two Questions

      If you are one of those people who believes hypocrisy to be an especially damming sin, I have two questions for you.

      Please read and answer each one to yourself before proceeding to the next.  Be honest.

   First Question:
      Do you believe it is important to respect and obey the laws of our States and nation?

   Second Question:
      Do you always drive at or below the posted speed limit?

     Man, some mornings I just hate having to look in the mirror....


Robert said...

I can believe something is important and still not do it. I have much practice. Also, driving at the posted limit seems to irritate many of my fellow drivers; which some days is all the more reason to continue doing it.

Antibubba said...

My last speeding ticket was in 1995.

Still, I expect that I'm violating a law somewhere, because there are SO MANY.