Wednesday, October 20, 2021


      The radio is playing a newscast:

     " spreads in different ways.  For example, seeds are spread by birds.  But that's not what happened to the hippos in South America."

      Me: "What?  For pity's sake, in what world are hippos spread by birds?  And what can I do to make sure I never, ever go there?"

      Yes, I get it; the story of Pablo Escobar's pet hippopotamice has been told and retold so many times, and grown so much from the simple tale of a druglord's private zoo gone out of control, but still--  Let us please, please leave the mighty Roc safely in mythology, where I don't have to arrange to carry a machine gun every time I leave the house.

      Also, "Dope Hippos" is one of the best names for a trip-hop or acid jazz band ever.


Spartacus said...

Is a hippopotamus an optotamus that's really cool?

Douglas2 said...

My moment of surreal NPR newscast today was hearing:

Top Chef Junior competitor Fuller Goldsmith has died following a long battle with leukemia. He would've turned 18 years old on Saturday. His death was announced by magical elves

Tam said...

I saw Dope Hippos at Lollapalooza.