Monday, December 20, 2021

Anniversary Cold?

      Do the sinuses remember?  Do they hold a grudge?  Several years ago on this date, I had "balloon sinoplasty," essentially a serious clearing-out of my sinus cavities.  Recovery was remarkably icky, with occasional creepy moments.

      Last night, I had an increasingly-runny nose.  It bothered me a little all night and when I got up and fed the cats, it was pretty bad.  I napped a little, and when I woke again....  It was like an over-the-top comedy bit.  I couldn't stop having to blow my nose.

      I have been working from home, box of tissues next to the computer.  After almost falling out of my chair (no sense of balance) and then laughing myself dangerously dizzy over it, I gave up and took to bed with my laptop and head cold supplies.  Drainage has slowed but hasn't stopped.

      Breathing okay as long as I don't do anything silly, no fever, so I doubt it's COVID-19.  But it's inconvenient as can be.  If the symptoms do turn coronavirus-like, I have a rapid test kit saved back and will use it.


Anonymous said...

Been fighting a similar sinus-y thing. Snarfing snot is not a good way to spend the holidays. Get well soon.

RandyGC said...

Feel better soon.

I used to have regular annual or semi-annual sinus infections during the change of seasons (summer/fall, and winter/spring). One side benefit of the CPAP (other than O2 levels not falling below 80% when I "sleep") is that I don't seem to get them as much. My theory is that it's a combination of the built in humidifier and air filter.

Cop Car said...

I'm sorry that you are plagued by such recurrent miseries. How would you ever know your COVID status without testing, with all of that going on? Snuggle in.