Saturday, December 04, 2021

The Return Of The Car

      The dealer had my car ready Thursday late, but I was stuck at work.  The loaner they had me in, a recent-vintage RX350, was a combination jet fighter/cocktail lounge, with comfy leather seats, wood trim, fancy electronics that included keyless start, an active map, a big backup camera display, and an overhead view in reverse, simulated from four cameras, a stored top view of the car and some clever electronics.  I had to look twice to convince myself the car hadn't deployed a drone or a camera boom the first time I put the car in reverse and it popped up.  Handing it back Friday was a step back in time.

      My car is simpler, but it came back clean, nice, running smooth, shifting correctly and braking better than ever.  A flock of birds promptly crapped all over it, parked at the North campus.  But it still runs nicely.


rickn8or said...

The birds were just welcoming it to its daytime home.

Mike V said...

My SUV has the overhead view in reverse. I was surprised how helpful it is.