Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Worked Overnight

      Eleven hours of work last night, running well past midnight, so today's post is just this.


Anonymous said...

I hope it was a spirit-lifting project such as transmitters, and not a soul-sucking task like computers.

Mike-SMO said...

I tried not to get stuck working at night, but due to alphabetic ordering, I was first on the (Oops!) Call List. As soon I dozed off, I would get a call about a fork lift centerpunching a stock tank or a pallet load of product hitting the column. They knew what to do but acordong to the rules, they had to call. I really considered changing my last name to "Zebra" or some such. I got pretty good at sounding coherent at O-Dark Hundred and never really waking up. I am told that is a trick that physicians learn during their internship. They do a lot while sound asleep. I was occasionally confused by a name and lot number on a scrap on the end table after breakfast.

Hope you got to doze "with satisfaction".