Sunday, November 03, 2013

About Lunatics Who Shoot Up The Innocent

     I said it in 2010 about one would-be famous shooter-of-the-unsuspecting and it still stands for all of them:
Me, I do not so much care about his reasons -- there's no fixing this sort of thing by understanding it -- what I see is an individual who walked up to the rather low fence at at edge of civilized behavior, said, Screw that, and jumped over. Such persons have stopped being people in any meaningful way and joined mad dogs, plague, misplaced wolf packs and trash-raiding bears as threats; they should be dealt with as rabid dogs are. They can take their motives [...] into whatever next life awaits 'em. We don't need 'em here.
     There seems to be a big scramble every time one of these happens in the U.S. as everyone digs to find out what the shooter's politics were.  I'll tell you what they are, always, for all of them: barbarism.  They voted by initiating violence against others; they voted for blood and death, against civilization and life.

     Anybody out there, Left, Right, Center, Up or Down who's been saying, "It's on," you better look real close: that's the kind of mess you appear to be hoping for, only turned up to eleven and combined with power failures, bad water and doors and teeth getting kicked in.  It ain't "on," not in any kind of way that can be fixed by armed conflict, and if you think that's a real good option and you're gonna be cock-o-the-walk when it hits, maybe you should go ask folks in the Balkans.

     There's still a lot of voting and marching and soap-boxing to be done and we'd all better best be doing it, and workin' on lovin' our neighbors -- even though they be fools -- all the while, too.


Anonymous said...

So you think there is nothing to choose between Left and Right? You are unable to rank them, just using those two in the sample?

Which of the two is more likely to try and take away someone's livelyhood because of "hate speech"? Which of the two just seized control of one-sixth of the United States economy? Would you feel equally safe at a TEA party rally, or an Occupation?

Here's a cheap shot: Which of the two, Left or Right, is more likely to restrict your right to physically defend yourself from assault by restricting, or banning outright, firearms?

I don't go around saying "it's on", but the Left doesn't quit, what with all that liberatin' to do. I go around saying we probably won't be able to avoid something ugly, yet necessary.

Mike James

Divemedic said...

The cheap shot in the other direction:
Which of the two is more likely to go whuppin' on some queers? Goin' after those mooslims? Or them thar jews? Ordering cops to kick in your door for having the wrong plant growing in your yard? Passing laws to force their church on you?

Be careful in slinging mud. The right does their share of repressing people, as well. Both the left and the right have their good and bad.

Roberta X said...

Which of those two, Left or Right, it more likely to attempt to regulate my private behavior by basing laws on their religious beliefs?

Mike, I sure hate to disappoint you but it's not like I haven't said it before: the only thing that gives the GOP an edge on the Dems is that annoying laws the Republicans pass are generally easier to evade, obstruct or get courts to throw out than the annoying laws the Democrats pass.

That's it. Period.

If I could only *legally* keep my guns by living in a SoCon paradise of sodomy laws, banned books, mandatory prayer.... etc....? No thanks. I'll keep 'em illegally.

Wayne Conrad said...

R. X, Well said.

I think those who are beating the drum don't understand what they're asking for. They look at revolution with the benefit of hindsight (hey, ours turned out great!), not understanding that victory was far from assured, that most heroes of the revolution, and innocents as well, suffered and died, and that there was as good a chance that the result of victory would be more tyranny than that it would be any measure of liberty.

I fear that a second revolution here would be akin to the French revolution. Our accelerating economic collapse, the excesses of the elite, and the contempt with which the government treats the people echo the conditions that lead to that incontinent bloodletting.

DownStateIN Dale said...

Well stated as usual, Roberta.

Let's just hope it doesn't come to violence. Saddam Hussein was a prepper, fat lot of good it did him in the end.

Your point, which some have blurred the line on, is the motive of the individual in question. It's neither left, nor right, blue or red, just WRONG!

This crazy nutter doesn't represent any side in a rational discussion, which is the point. Wackos are the exception, thank heysoos...