Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Always Watching

     It takes a picture every two seconds, and tags it and indexes it, too.  And they'd like to sell you one.

    I'm not sure if it's kewl or deeply disturbing.  Probably both.  Log your life!  Stick the data in the cloud!  Early aviators feared "clouds filled with rocks."  There may be worse hazards lurking in ours.


SJ said...

I think I've seen you mention Charles Stross somewhere along the way.

Sounds like one of the props from his novel Halting State, and its sequel Rule 34.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

It* should be a required part of every cop's uniform.

* Or something like it.

mikee said...

No audio, and a still photo every 2 seconds, but auto-upload and searchable: looks like the video version should be along shortly.

I'll wait for that one.

Because stepping through every 2 seconds of what I'm pointed at would look ridiculous at trial out of context.

Say I had walked up to a police officer to ask directions out of a bad part of town.

Me: Excuse me , officer.

Officer on the stand at my trial: And here you see the defendant aggressively approaching me, apparently high on crack cocaine, which is sold in that neighborhood. Click, click, click. And here you see me using my baton and pepper spray to stop his attack. Click, click, click, click. And here you see him rolling on the ground clutching at his eyes and family jewels. Click, click, click, click.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You know, in my life I have had any number of experiences that I'd just as soon forget. So, mark me down as a vote for "deeply disturbing".

fillyjonk said...

I'd be willing to bet this device becomes the next generation of "selfies."

I don't need some kind of little image-capture to document how boring my life is....because it IS boring.

Windy Wilson said...

But depending on your definition of "rocks", clouds did contain hard objects dangerous to pre-ww1 airplanes.


Privacy is dead, and Wells's division of people into eloi and Morlocks seems sadly on its way as some people become assets and consuming units to be managed by the state and its anointed managers.

Roberta X said...

Um, Windy, I'm guessing you might not live in a very mountainous place?