Tuesday, November 12, 2013


     Not the earliest snow in Indiana, I'm told.  But it usually waits until after Thanksgiving; there's usually time to get the left-for-last back yard leaves raked at least once before they share sidewalk space with snow.  Not this year!  
     (I've somehow got the timestamp in my smallest camera running four hours fast -- this is from 10:00 last night.)

     Huck's trying to convince me that tigers do too hibernate -- and that I should, too.  He may be wrong on the facts but it's an appealing idea.


BGMiller said...

I'm not sure I'd argue too much with Huck.

If he's hibernating at least he's not smacking Rannie around.


Old NFO said...

Oh boy... It's going to be one of 'those' winters!

Sendarius said...

Here in opposite land, it is heading into summer.

Our normally skittish black cat is suddenly seeking attention - the food servants need to help him get rid of his winter coat. There are fur-balls EVERYWHERE.

Greg Tag said...

Very Interesting. Thanks for the glimpse into how the frozen North lives.

Since completing Winter Warfare School, I have never ventured north of Paris, Texas except in summer time.

It is getting coller here, though - my daughters have informed me that we can, at least, turn off the air conditioning for the season.



Joanna said...

Man, I wish mine would hibernate. She's going crazy from being cooped up indoors all week.