Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

     What are you doing on the internet?  Shouldn't you be helping out in the kitchen?

     20 degrees here; I'm thinking the kitchen is an especially good place to be.


Dave H said...

Helping in the kitchen? I am the kitchen, and it opens when I say so.

Happy Thanksgiving Roberta, and to the members of your household too.

Jess said...

I just finished making a side dish, so it's waiting for the proper time to place in the oven.

May you find some warmth today and have the best of company.

jed said...

The only thing happening in my kitchen so far is coffee. It isn't likely to get much more interesting than that, and that's OK. I'll be dividing the day among re-watching Firefly, reviewing select info in the ARRL Tech Manual, and lying under my car.

Enjoy your turducken. If you ever get tired of that, there's always cockenthrice.

fast richard said...

I am under strict instructions NOT to show up early. The cook prefers not to have too much "help" getting in the way before mealtime. I will show up with various supplies for latter snacking and imbibing, as well as possibly a game and a movie for later.

Bob said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Roberta. It was 20 degrees here in Charlotte when I got home from work this morning. At least it's a clear, sunny day.

Drang said...



Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The kitchen here is closed. Ruth (who normally cooks for Chris) will be our chef this evening.

No, I don't get why my cousin wanted to go to a steak place for Thanksgiving, either. But I have free gift cards so I'm not complaining.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bobbi!

Robert Fowler said...

The same could be asked of you. Shouldn't you be in the kitchen rattling pots and pans?

JK, Have a great day.

OldTexan said...

I just checked on my visiting grand dogs in the back yard and they were barking at a doe and fawn who were staring at them across the fence. I just finished my side dish, sweet potatoes with green chiles and it is incredible we will be joining more family in about an hour where daughter is cooking for 16. Happy Thanksgiving to all !