Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Cold Enough For You?"

     It's 19° F this morning.  Nineteen degrees!  Okay, okay, Indiana is well north of the sunshine line -- Tam still calls the region "cold, frozen North Yankeeland" -- but for November, this is ridiculous.

     C'mon, Al, where's that global warmening now that I need it?


Old NFO said...

Ouch, THAT is a tad chilly for this time of year... Even up there!

Shane W said...

It's 22 in OKC right now. Way too cold for my tastes. C'mon summer!

Stuart the Viking said...

Unfortunately, you can't win with the Global wa... Um... I mean... Climate Change people. They just point to this as proof that they are right.



Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Al tried to fly too close to the sun...and the solar constant eased off and his wings froze and broke.

Windy Wilson said...

Interesting, isn't it, how the "Random Walk" theory is trotted out to explain why you can't beat the market with any system, but it is also trotted out to explain why we're always surprised by the weather and have to have large amounts of governmental regulation controlling us in order to control the weather?
I knew Global Warming was a hoax when the network weathermen would report on some record high or record low being broken and there was no pattern or constency-- sometimes it would be a record set in 1889 and other times a record set in 1965 or 1980. I knew from my finance and stock market classes that a breakout such as the hockey stick had to break records set recently, not ones from before my Grandfather was born.

Stranger said...

Hmm: Windy, there's a problem with the NWS temperature records called "calibration." For consistency, the new NWS self-reporting weather stations should have been calibrated against the same standard as the old ones - or at least calibrated against the old WS thermometers they replaced. Instead, the fancy new devices were checked against a shiny new NBS standard.

And as you probably guessed, the new standard is "correct" but it is also somewhat higher than the old one. A little over a degree higher is typical, but it varies with the station. For some stations, water freezes at 35 degrees.

For my part, with all that investment, why did the NWS not hire an instrumentation tech to show them how it's done? And why did they insist on putting weather stations in artificially heated spots?


Able said...

I'd just like to point out that I had to take off my shoes to work out what that is in English money (-7 Celsius apparently, Brrrr! If that was here we'd have a national emergency declared and questions in Parliament).

Shall I contact Peace and Freedom to have SUNSAT lock one off its projectors on your transponder?

Roberta X said...

Ooooo, you can do that?

I have to say, if even our current President *had* Question Time and got asked about the weather, he'd just shrug and say, "cope." Chicago has some of the lousiest weather of any of our largest cities (Buffalo, NY beats it for ick but the population has been in decline for some time) and not even the most effete and elite of community organizers can dodge it as long as he remains in town -- yet another reason he stood for election to Congress, perhaps.

Roberta X said...

Stranger: And I suppose you'd blame the thermistors in their housings on the roof of the building where I work, too? We were careful to keep them away from HVAC gear and the actual heat exchangers are on the diagonally opposite corner of the block. They track within a degree or two of the local NWS number unless there's a front between us.

The airport is about as built up as downtown and there *is* a heat-island effect, but as a measure of the actual temperature in the actual city, it's accurate.